November 6, 2009

Meet Monkey George

If you don't use the babysitters we use, you should be jealous.

We're blessed to have some great girls who live nearby (and not so nearby) to help us take care of Jack. The one who's here most regularly (Kelsey) showed up with an empty peanut can yesterday and told Jack that it was a cage to catch his pet rock. Which of course, caused Jack to all but shove Kyle out the front door so that they could get on with business.

When I got home, he showed me his home for his new little friend (after screaming that he wanted me to go back to work and Kelsey to stay). He had affectionately named him "Monkey George."

They decorated the can, added a "rock habitat" and even made a couple of playdough eyes.

What a fun idea!


Nancy said...

What a fun idea. Your blog is great. Love the photos (of course!)
Saw you on A Little Bit funky... I hope I win your designs! :)

SarahRachel said...

I'm coming by via A Little Bit Funky! I loooove your card designs and think your children are beautiful!!

Cora Anne Designs said...

Hi there! Visiting from the Little Bit Funky blog...thanks so much for the giveaway!