November 16, 2009

I knew this conversation would happen someday . . .

. . . but I thought I had a few years left.

Jack: How did baby brother get out of your tummy?

Me: Remember, I went to the hospital so that he could come out?

Jack: But HOW did he get out at the hop-sital?

Me: The doctor took him out.

Jack: But how did the doctor get him out of there?

Me: Uh, she, well, she . . .

Jack: Used somethin'?

Me: Yep, she used something.

Jack: What did she use?

Me: Um, I don't remember. Ask your dad.


Jack: But how did baby brother get IN your tummy?

Me: Um, God put him there?

Jack: But how did God get him in there?

Me: Do you want to watch a show?


Sara Neufeld said...

You shoulda had a c-section so you could just say "the doctor cut him out." ;)

Erin K. said...

Ha!!!!! Just this weekend I heard a good parent response for hard questions - just phrase it back to them and ask what they think the answer is. In this case it would have been, "Well, how do YOU think God got him in there?"

However, I think distraction with a TV show is also a great solution. (I've probably done that once or twice... or a hundred times...)

Kelli said...

haha! we've had very similar conversations at our house!

Xander said...

good thing jack doesn't know how to use google yet. just imagine what his search to answer this question would yeild. wait, he DOESN'T know how to use google, right?

Jen said...

Haha! If the day ever comes that I need it, which it will if I ever have kids, I am so coming to you for parental advice.

Sarah said...

How funny! When pregnant with my last (who's now 2 1/2) the other kids got together and held a summit to figure out how baby get's out of mommy's tummy. They were 3, 6, 8 and 9. After much debate they came and told me,"We figured it out! The baby comes out your belly button!!"

Um. . . yeah! That's the ticket!

(most of them now know the truth. We can't trust now-6-y.o. to not discuss it with his class yet so we're holding off on him.)

Sarah said...


Wendy said...

trust me this won't be the last conversation of this type. Look out. It's really fun when you get to really tell them and then they look at you and go - OH Gross!