November 6, 2007


The first words I heard this morning were, "It's snowing." It was enough to make me want to crawl back under the covers and stay there until April. The first day of snow always sends me into a litany of whining and complaining. I guess I should be thankful that we made it all the way to November 6 without snow!

One thing that I'm so thankful for is all of the people who helped to equip us both before and after Jacks' arrival. He's five months old and we still get something in the mail or from someone in person once a week. There's no way we could have been prepared for him without the help of everyone around us. We're overwhelmed by the generosity of the people we know (and even some we don't know). In fact, we got a gift for our 22.5 lb baby this weekend that made us smile . . . we really do appreciate the thought.

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Maria W. said...

This made me laugh right out loud at my desk:)