November 29, 2007

In a perfect world

This week has been one of those "off" weeks. I think the whole "backing one of my cars into the other one" thing started it off on the wrong foot. Kyle would say that the dog escaping twice started it off on the wrong foot. I know this because he's standing over my shoulder griping about it as I type.

My frustration has been exacerbated by my camera. Have I mentioned before that the lens on my camera is broken? Every picture I've taken since late August has been taken with a messed up lens. Unless it was taken from a distance. Then it was taken with a different one. The broken lens, however, likes to freeze up when I need to take a picture quickly. It refuses to focus when I have small children posed and waiting to have their picture taken. If it could talk, I'm pretty sure it would scream obscenities at me every time I turned it on. It's like that.

I got the lens 5 years ago. It originally with my 35mm Canon Rebel. Is it possible that I ever took pictures with film? Kyle got me that camera for my birthday the first year we were married and it goes down as the best birthday gift I've ever received. I've used the lens on my digital camera for about 3 years now. This week, it took a turn for the worse and I fear that it will die completely one day and leave me with no means of capturing the important moments of my day. I realize that my digital rebel isn't super nice (and it's probably gonna quit on me any day, too) but it's all I have and a working lens would be really nice. So, I'm bidding on some lenses . . . and I'm hoping I can get one cheap because cheap is all I can afford.

In a perfect world, I'd have a Canon 5D . . . but right now, I'll settle for a lens that works.


Nicole said...

OHhh yuck! A broken camera lens... thats a bummer. For a cheap lens, I'd totally recommend the 50mm 1.8. Its about $70. I love mine (although since getting the 24-70 f/2.8 L Series I have rarely used it!). Just be careful not to drop it... for some reason that lens is a magnet for me dropping it (or my son tipping my open camera bag....) and it breaks easily. I'm on my 3rd 50mm lens. Good thing they're cheap!

Kyle Luke said...

Thanks for the lens advice . . . it's definitely time for me to get the 50mm prime . . . there's no excuse not to have that lens for the money.

What kind of camera(s) do you shoot with? I've been looking at the 40D, but I'm not sure I can justify spending money on a new camera right now . . . especially when the 5Ds will be cheap enough for me to afford in a year or two!

heather.snider said...

Hey I have a lens you can borrow until you get one. It is umm...shoot. I'm guessing 70-135 mmish. I'll double check when I get home. I know it zooms in a bit further than the one that came with my Rebel, but not too much. Any are welcome to use it for the time being. Just let me know.

Nicole said...


I have the 30D right now. Once I figure out my taxes, I may get the 5D and keep the 30D as a backup. I have a photog friend ( who has it (the 5D) and loves it to death.