November 18, 2007

"Sisters, sisters . . . there were never such devoted sisters . . . "

I had the privilege of photographing Maria's daughters on Friday. It was SO cold, but the girls were troopers and we had a lot of fun. You can see more of the photos here.

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Nicole said...

Hey there! Here goes my third "introduction" post LOL! I found your blog through a friend of mine... Heather Morrison. She is friends with Heather Swinigan. Anyhow, Heather M. told me she found a blogger in the Jackson area (I live in Jackson!) and I couldn't believe it. And turns out there were others (I found Maria and Jeanette's blog through yours, and just said "hi" to them). What a small world! I have a blog as well... and I also am a part time photographer too ( I saw you are into photography. The girls you photographed are too adorable.

Its nice to "meet" you! What a small world.

Nicole Barczak