November 22, 2007

Allergic to apples

Jack recently broke away from rice cereal and started trying some new foods . . . carrots, bananas, avocado and apples.

Allergy #1 has been identified.

When Joy came to visit last week she brought apples from her family's orchard. Kyle and I have enjoyed most of them, but I cooked and pureed a few for Jack. We fed them to him for dinner the last few days and a couple of bites in (both days) he started crying and screaming. We just thought he was being ornery until we noticed a red bumpy rash starting around his lips. On the second day, it lasted for several hours and his lips looked mildly puffy.

I googled "apple allergy" and I found this article. It describes exactly what his reaction was. The weird thing was that there is rarely a reaction when the apples have been cooked. Kyle reminded me that we let him gnaw on a raw apple slice while he was waiting for dinner both nights. So, I guess it'll be a while before we try apples again.

Jack's mouth and lips look a lot better today. Before now, I had never heard of an allergy to apples!

I think we're going to try sweet potatoes today . . . after all, it is Thanksgiving!

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