November 12, 2007

Allow me to be a nerd for a minute

I look at how much the world has changed in my lifetime and I'm amazed. My generation was the first to grow up with personal computers. In general, we're a lot more tech-savvy than the generations before us. The question that remains is whether or not we'll continue to be tech-savvy or will we fall behind as technology advances? Is aversion to new technology related to one's age or to one's upbringing? I guess only time will tell.

I'm in awe of Microsoft Surface and know that soon it'll be so commonplace that we won't remember a world without it. My brother showed me a video clip about something called Photosynth that Microsoft just bought the rights to. Amazing. The video below explains what it is.

What this means is that you could upload a photo of yourself and it could search for every photo of you out on the internet. I've always wondered how many photo albums across the United States I'm in because I walked into the background of their picture. Did someone catch me in a snapshot they took at the castle in Versailles or standing in line for the Dragster at Cedar Point?

It's just stunning.

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