November 13, 2007

Loud chewers

I have several pet peeves, the biggest of which is LOUD CHEWERS. I understand that crunchy and crispy food will make noise when you eat it. I'm not unreasonable. But there are some people in this world that can make crunching noises while eating pudding.

The unfortunate thing about this is that Kyle is one of these aforementioned loud chewers. Thankfully, we've still found ways to make our marriage work. I love the show How I Met Your Mother and I really appreciated this clip from last night's episode:


Jeanette said...

Love the clip...I hate loud drinkers. That gulp, gulp sound makes me want to stick sharpened number 2 pencils in my eyes (all other pencils are pure crap).

Anonymous said...

I totally agree!! Plus I agree with Jeanette about loud drinkers. It make my blood boil when I hear either Loud chewers or drinkers. Ben is a loud drinker...did I know this before we got married, probably...did it bother me then yes. He's lucky he is so cute. I will sometimes hum or sing loudly when he drinks next to me. He tried to do it quietly...he can't! What's a girl to do? Maybe I will make up a song to sing when he does it. Any title suggestions?

Unknown said...

I am one who also notice what has been mentioned on this site. Boy does it hit my spine too. People chew so loud like it's nothing. You just want to smack them. Its such a turnoff as well to me.