September 2, 2011

Coming soon . . . another big boy bed

The time is coming . . . Ben will soon transition to a big boy bed. We haven't quite figured out when, or what we're going to do, but it'll obviously happen sometime before December.

I feel mildly guilty because I never really finished Ben's nursery. I repainted and bought new bedding, but the wall art I was designing is still sitting in my "to do" folder, untouched for over a year.

August 2011

With Jack, I was ready to move him to his big boy bed. The last couple of months having him in a crib were a nightmare so I was anxious to move Jack. I'm so hesitant with Ben.

August 2011

He can climb out of his crib . . . but won't unless someone prods him. And even then, he's hesitant, because really? Why would he when he can just sit in his crib and jabber until someone comes and lifts him out?

August 2011

Ben sleeps so well. He goes down at night well an he stays in bed well. The thought of moving him out of the crib is killing me because the situation is so ideal right now. Our original plan was to put bunk beds in Jack's room for the two of them, but I'm not feeling confident that Jack can make it down from the top bunk safely when groggy. So we might purchase a toddler Bed until we feel more comfortable with bunks.

August 2011

The thought of just having this baby sleep in the bassinet in our room for a month or two and leaving Ben in his room for the first few months has crossed my mind, but I think that might make the transition harder later. Moving him in with Jack well in advance of the baby coming might keep Ben from feeling like the baby took his room.

August 2011

I'm just worried that we'll ruin the great sleeping habits he's got going. I have to admit that I'm a lot more emotional about moving him from crib to bed than I was with Jack.

August 2011

This age isn't always perfect, but sometimes I wish I could just keep Ben at 23 months old forever.


Meredith said...

sara, i totally understand. jacob was our money sleeper. hannah not so much. the thought of moving him terrified me. we got a toddler bed from walmart for the very same reason. he transitioned better than i would have thought. it took just a little training, but he went back to his money sleeping ways. meredith

Melanie Eccles said...

I CAN'T believe how old and grown up Ben looks in these pictures. Wow, time flies. I feel like it was just yesterday you told me you were pregnant (when I was there for Winter Retreat) and now he's nearly 2!