September 19, 2011

Baby girl update

I'm feeling baby girl move more! Not so much over the weekend, but Monday - Wednesday of last week, I felt her every day, multiple times a day. Kyle and Jack have both felt her move now. Ben still doesn't quite get it, but he does hug and kiss my belly each night.

She didn't move a whole lot yesterday, but last night, she gave me a kick that reminded me of what it was like at this stage with the boys. I can sometimes see her poking out now when she moves. It's amazing what a difference an anterior placenta makes. I have discovered that when my bladder is full, I feel her move more, likely because she has less space. I have to admit that sometimes I wait before going to the bathroom just to see if she'll start moving!

I had an appointment last week. Wait, no . . . it was on September 3. Time flies.

Apparently, part of my bowel is wrapped up in front of my uterus, causing the painful cramps on my right side. Lovely, right? And the contractions are from . . . well, taking care of two little boys and everything else that my life entails right now. My doctor didn't seem concerned and neither am I.

Speaking of my doctor . . . I feel so lucky to be seeing the same one that I did with Ben. I loved her then and I love her now. She's friendly, straight forward and listens well.

I feel awful that I lost all of my belly pictures when my phone was stolen, but I will take a 26 week picture this week. I promise.

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