September 21, 2011


Many people know that I've had concerns about Ben's speech development since he was about 4 months old. The week after his 4 month check up, he just stopped babbling and didn't often make noises except for crying. Since then, I've noticed some slight delays in many things speech-related.

95% of people that I've shared this concern with think that I'm just comparing him with Jack, and I'll admit that I do that sometimes. Jack's language development was exceptional, in the same way that Ben's gross motor and fine motor development have been exceptional (we're amazed at his understanding of how things go together, the stuff he builds with blocks and the way he can manipulate small pieces and things together . . . the train systems he creates with our railroad set are pretty amazing for an almost-2-year-old).

But comparison aside, I still feel like there's something that's keeping him from saying what he's trying to. He has lots of words, and when I voice concerns people always tell me not to worry and that he has more words than average for his age. But still, it's not just about the words . . . when I see him try to tell me things, I can watch his mouth try to make the sounds he wants to as he gets frustrated. He can identify probably 10 letters and the sounds they make (thank you, LeapFrog: Letter Factory) but when he tries to put the sounds together, he gets stumped.

I don't think it's a major delay or anything and you can call me a helicopter parent if you want, but I think there's something to say for a mother's intuition. I'm just hoping that at his 2-year visit next week, the doctor will at least take my concerns seriously.

Up until today, when we'd count things with Ben, he'd point and say, "One, doo . . . NO MORE!" Sometimes he'd get to three, but he'd usually drop out at two.

So you can understand why I sat in my car and cried during preschool pick up today when Kyle sent me this video.

Untitled from Sara on Vimeo.


Elisa said...

I can understand why it meant so much! Go with your instincts and pursue speech therapy with Ben, even it your doctor doesn't agree. I did with Zackary and it was worth it!!

Jen said...

Angie Peterson said...

Oh my goodness, he is so cute!! I hope the doctor is encouraging to you!

Melanie Eccles said...

ahhhh! that's so amazing!! and totally exciting!