September 19, 2011

Jack's second (and last) year of preschool

First day of preschool, 2011

We started back to preschool with Jack right where we left off. New teacher and new drop off line, but we kind of got back into the swing of things with no problem.

I haven't had many encounters with his teacher, but I can already tell that I'm going to L-O-V-E her. Jack has great things to say every day and at dinner when we did our best/worst parts of the day tonight he said his best part of the day was school because "my teacher taught us SOOOO much." I love it.

Here are a few pictures of Jack (and Ben) from the first day of school last week. He was so wound up that I finally told him just to SIT DOWN because he wouldn't stand still. And yes, I'm aware that he needs a hair cut.

Oh, and please ignore our nasty-looking front porch.

First day of preschool, 2011

First day of preschool, 2011

First day of preschool, 2011

First day of preschool, 2011

First day of preschool, 2011

And this is how Ben felt about Jack leaving for school without him.

First day of preschool, 2011

It's crazy to think that this will be Ben going off to preschool next year while Jack's at Kinde . . . I can't even say it.

First day of school, 2010:

First Day of Preschool

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Mud and Grace said...

I've been reading your blog for almost a year now after finding your work on etsy. I am continually amazed at how you balance all that you are involved in.

If you don't mind I have a question about working at a camp. I used to work camp when I was in college and have thought seriously about getting involved again. How does working the hours required for camp mesh with two kids? How do you thing it will work when they are older?

I feel called to work at a camp, but I'm worried that the change in lifestyle for my family will not be good. I want to be at their baseball games and to be involved in a local church and what do you do with them during the summers?

I know you don't know me, but I'd love to hear your experience with camp and family.