September 27, 2008

On . . .

. . . cleaning.
I just vacuumed, swept and mopped all of the floors upstairs. After I post this I'm going to shampoo our carpets (as much as I can without moving furniture) in a last-ditch effort to clean them of dog pee, vegetable oil and dirt before we decide to tear up the carpet and put down something a little more traffic friendly. I'm still warding off bitterness toward the builder who put WHITE carpet throughout our entire house . . . foyer included.

. . . Jack.
He's sprayed himself in the face twice in 24 hours with the stuff that we use to get up carpet stains. This resulted in me stripping him down, plopping him in the bathtub and dousing his face with as much water as possible. This also means that he probably won't willingly take a bath for about a week. He seems to be doing fine. What kind of mother leaves carpet spray left out where her toddler can reach it . . . TWICE IN A ROW?!

. . . Halloween.
I wasn't going to get Jack a costume last year for Halloween, but I did. I found one on clearance at Old Navy the week before the big day. So, I bought it and didn't think much of it. But everyone else made a huge deal of it and thought it was so funny! I'm not sure what to do this year . . . but I do know that I refuse to pay full price!

. . . vacation.
I'm taking senior pictures near Ludington this weekend, so Kyle and I decided to go up afterwards to visit his grandparents in Traverse City. I'm looking forward to seeing them and to the time away, but I'm not looking forward to having no internet access for three days. I mean, I can handle not checking my e-mail. I like being computer-free every once in a while. But I get all stressed out when I get home and have 300 new e-mails . . . 100 of which end up needing a response. Whew. Deep breaths.

. . . camp.
Everyone always thinks that we "wind down" at camp during this time of year. To be honest, when the summer comes to an end, sometimes I get it stuck in my mind that things will stop being so busy and we'll be able to relax. The truth is, the camp doesn't slow down. And we lose a lot of our summer staff, leaving just the full time staff to take care of things. In some ways, it's actually busier now than it is in the summer. We had three different school groups at camp this week . . . two of which overlapped. I'm tired.

My time is up . . . I'll be back on Wednesday!


Heather S. said...

I hope you have a great little trip!!

rachel said...

plymouth actually has quite a few obama/mccain neighbors!! at first we only saw obama signs, but the mccain ones started popping up all over as well.

hope you have a fun vacay!

The Giffen Family said...

it's official, I'll be leaving a comment after every post ;). We were just at "O.N" today and Will tried on the Monkey costume - we were close to getting it, but I can't get my head around spending $$ on something he'll only wear once at this stage(don't get me wrong it was in the cart for A LONG TIME) -- maybe when he is older and he plays dress up...wait, boys don't do that - do they?