March 7, 2007


I think that gestation lasts about 25 weeks longer than women should have to gestate. I'm almost to 29 weeks and I'm not sure how I'm going to make it the last 11. I know that sounds a little dramatic and that's because it is a tad over dramatic, but I'm just feeling tired, overweight and just plain blah. It doesn't help that I'm having to write another 60 pages for school, am creating a website and getting ready for the summer and have zero motivation to do so Am I allowed to complain when this is what I wanted for so long?

Let me tell you something good that I'm overwhelmed by . . . my family. My mom threw mew a baby shower last weekend (March 3) and I am completely humbled and floored by all that we received. My Aunt Patty, cousin Noelle, counsin's fiance Nikki, Aunt Kathy, Aunt Mary Jean, Aunt Jan and cousin Emilee, Kyle's grandma Luke, Kyle's mom Cindy, my sister Karina and, of course, my mom were all there. We received a baby carrier, high chair, boppy pillow, baby swing, blankets, toys, a diaper bag, onsies, our travel system (which includes a stroller, carseat and carrier), money toward a crib of our choice (yay!) and more! We played some great games . . . the guests had to unscramble baby names, guess how big my belly was (and I should be offended by some fo the guesses) and they had to guess magic words throughout the day. When someone said a magic word, they got a prize AND I got a prize. My mom went ALL out and it was really cute. The table cloth had profiles of pregnant women and there were vases of flowers on the table. I'll post pictures once I get them because words cannot describe it.

During the shower, Kyle, my dad and my brother stayed downstairs in my parents family room. They had murphy with them and put couch cushions and other things in front of the stairs so that Murphy wouldn't come up and bother us. She went nuts not being able to be a part of the action, so she balanced on the back of the couch so she could see up to what was going on.

Eventually, she got tired of it and decided to try and sleep.

Kyle was really excited about the baby carrier.

Kyle and I were at a conference from Sunday through today (Wednesday). I'll write more baout that later. But when we got back, we put the travel system together, before we went to pick up Murphy from his parent's house. WHen we got home she went nuts barking at the stroller. She would get only as close as she needed to to smell it.

What on earth will she think when the baby's here?! I'll write more about the conference later and I'll post pictures of the shower when I get them!

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