March 29, 2007

What not to do . . .

I've learned a couple of things not to do when pregnant this week.

It started on Tuesday when I went to the U-Haul store to see if I could buy a box big enough to ship a guitar in. As I parked and got out of the car, I looked at the dumpster next to the U-Haul store and behold . . . a box big enough to ship a guitar. "Why should I buy one when there's a free one in the dumpster outside?" I though to myself.

You see, the problem was that it was an oversized dumpster and it involved me balancing precariously on the side while trying to lift the box out. I guess at this point I should add that the U-Haul store is on Michigan Ave in Jackson. I'm sure I looked like an idiot trying to balance there (sideways because my belly was in the way) while pulling a box out of a dumpster next to a store where I could have just gone in and bought one. THen, after I got it out, I kind of ran back to my car to shove it in and leave because I felt a little guilty about taking it. But I got my box at no expense. But I did learn my lesson. Lesson 1: Don't dumpster dive while pregnant.

The second lesson came this morning. Yesterday I cleaned out my car and vaccuumed it (which is also something I would avoid doing in your last trimester of pregnancy). I had the car radio on for 10 minutes before the batter died (yes, I need a new battery). This morning, Kyle and I forgot that we needed to jumpstart it before he left for work, so he said he'd come back on a planning period to get it running for me. I knew he wouldn't have much time, so I decided I'd get the car out of the garage on my own before he got home. How hard could it be? Put the car in neutral, and it would just roll out, right? Wrong. I was pushing and then jumping in to slam on the brakes. Then, I'd try and push with one foot while steering, then get out and push again. I seriously hope no one was watching. The end result? The car got out onto the gravel driveway. I also have a chiropractor appointment for this afternoon. Lesson 2: No pushing cars by yourself while pregnant.

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