March 18, 2007

The reunion

I felt so lucky this weekend. I got a chance to go down to Greenville and see friends all in one place that I hadn't seen in years . . . well some of them I hadn't seen in years. There's something really great about being with people who have known you longer than 5 years.

Sarah and Nicole threw a little party in Greenville on Saturday. Kyle was able to come down with me (which was great, because I'm not sure I could have made that drive all by myself). We drove through Chicago so we could stop and meet Heather in Springfield for dinner. I hate Chicago traffic. I hate it even more than I can't make it 100 miles without stopping to use the bathroom! But we had a great dinner with Heather and went on to have a great weekend with old friends!

A few of the girls left before we remembered to take a picture, but here's a picture of most of us:

I can't even begin to describe in words how good it was just to spend a short amount of time with them. Sarah and Kevin let us crash at their place all weekend and we even had a chance to drive to O'Fallon to visit Jen Nash who's about ready to deliver any minute! It's crazy that we're all growing up and having kids.

McKenzey and Evie:


I wonder if all of our kids will grow up and be friends some day . . .

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