March 29, 2007

Another one bites the dust . . .

If you'll look back a few blogs, you'll read about everything in our house that has just decided not to work in the last month or two. This morning, the saga continued.

We have no hot water. The 2-year-old hot water heater is broken. Why, God, why?! Plus, I think through a series of really stupid actions on my part, I've broken our clothes dryer. Which isn't a big deal right now anyway because we have no hot water to actually wash our clothes in. We put several hundred dollars into repairs on the explorer a couple of weeks ago and my car wouldn't start this morning and we're pretty sure I'll have to get a new battery. I asked Kyle if he thought the baby would rather sleep in the hot water heater we have to replace, one of the cars we had to fix or the dryer we'll probably have to change out . . . because all of our money is going toward this stuff rather than toward baby stuff.

I guess that's not completely true because my parents did give us money to put toward a crib and we still have that sitting in an envelope waiting for us to choose one. I just hate it that we have to put money into this stuff when we could be putting it toward the baby. We bought a brand new house because we though it would be longer than two years before we'd have to deal with garbage disposals, water heaters and other random appliances breaking. Oh well . . . I'm sure I'm learning something from all of this.

I sit hear complaining, but I really shouldn't. I've been pretty good about not checking my registries daily, but the last couple of days I have. I am floored by how much people have bought for us. It's amazing to know that so many people love us and want to help us with this new little guy.

Speaking of the baby . . . he's getting big. And I can tell he doesn't have a lot of room left in there. I get elbows, knees and feet jabbed into every area of my body. It's funny how I used to think that was so cute. Now I have to have frequent conversations with him where I explain that mom doesn't like getting kicked in the ribs. Somehow, I think he understands me.

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