January 30, 2007

So tired . . .

Have you ever had one of those nights where you are so tired, but as soon as your head hits the pillow you're wide awake? I'm having one of those nights. All I can think about is how little money we have, how many bills we have and how we'll never have enough money to retire. Then I wonder if we'll ever have a name that we both like for our baby. Then I'm on to worrying about whether or not we'll have enough quality staff for the summer . . . especially how it will work if we have all new staff with a new baby to care for. I know that if my mom were awake right now, I'd call her and she'd tell me to listen to one of her relaxation MP3s.

Instead, I'm cleaning the tivo of the programs that are building up that I don't have time to watch. Do you think that they'll put the last season of the O.C. on dvd even though they're only airing 8 episodes? I wish they weren't cancelling it.

I'm gonna go try and sleep again.

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