January 14, 2007

Lots of Stuff

There is so much stuff that we need to get for this baby. We started our registries for baby showers but that has been frustrating. We've registered at Babies R Us, Target, Pottery Barn Kids and The Land of Nod. We're going to the Toy House in Jackson today to see if we want to register there. It's just hard to find the specific things we want all at one store. We've done a lot of research on items. Probably too much.

The biggest mistake I made in researching was falling in love with the Bugaboo stroller. Strollers have been one of the things I've wanted to invest the most money and research into because of the likelihood that it will be used a lot on the dirt roads at camp. Seriously, the Bugaboo is amazing. It's also about $850.00. Way more than we could ever afford. But I can't find a stroller that I like even half as much . . . It's high quality and is the best. SO, We haven't put a stroller on the registry yet. I need a little time to get the Bugaboo out of my system.

Registering at Target was probably the most frustrating. We went to pick up our scanner and she said, "Be sure not to scan anything on clearance." It would have been nice if she had added, "And by the way, everything in the infant and toddler section is on clearance." Seriously.

When we were out registering, we decided to get the bedding set that I really liked from Target. It was a $99.00 Amy Coe crib set on clearance for $39.98. BUT, when we got it up to the register it rang up at $9.08! I couldn't believe it! Even if I find something I like better, I could sell this more on ebay for more than $9.00. The only thing that would have made the trip even better would be if they hadn't run out of their gliding rockers which were on clearance for $49.95! THey even came with the ottoman. That would have been awesome.

We went to the Pottery Barn Outlet at Birch Run to see if there were any good deals on cribs and changing tables. There was nothing. Lots of kids stuff, but no baby furniture. We're trying to decide if we want to do furniture in dark wood or white. I'm not a fan of the honey colored furniture, but I guess I wouldn't turn it down if it were a good deal. If we did white, we could use the existing dresser in the room we're going to use for the baby and just paint it white and slap a changing pad on it.

When we were out I did find some great deals on maternity clothes. I got three pair of pants and three shirts for $40 at Old Navy. I also got some pants and a shirt and the Gap Outlet and used my giftcard at the Motherhood Maternity store. I'm hoping what I have will get me through most of my pregnancy, but unfortunately, it seems that more than just my belly is growing. Speaking of which, it is growing a lot.

We had our Doctor's appointment on Wednesday and everything still looking A-OK. I think I'm going to start stepping on the scale backwords when they weigh me though. I know that weight gain is normal, but it's still depressing. We saw a different doctor and were pleased to discover that we like her just as much as the other doctor we'd been seeing. She found the heartbeat right away but said that he kept running from it. Seems to be par for the course.

This baby's been moving a LOT lately. We're struggling with coming up with names for this kid. I wonder if there's a name that means "active one" or "one who never stops moving."

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