January 2, 2007

Meh . . .

The subject line is the sound I would make if you asked me how my day was today. It really wasn't that great. First of all, taking down the Christmas decorations is not fun. It's downright depressing. As I was trying to take the lights down from the CHristmas tree (an activity that is making me strongly consider buying a pre-lit tree for next year) there was one string of lights that was caught tightly on a branch. As I struggled with it, I stood up quickly from my hunched over position and wacked my head hard on the mantle. My head is still sore and it throbs whenever I stand up.

My back is KILLING me, and of course I didn't go to the chiropractor in 2006 when my insurance deductible had already been met. I decided to wait until 2007 when I have to pay full price until I meet the million dollar deductible. Ok, it's not that much, but some days it feels like it. And my heartburn is awful. I've never had heartburn so bad that I cringe in pain, but I do now. I need to buy stock in Tums. In addition, I feel like I've gained about 100 pounds and my face is breaking out like I have never seen before. I guess this is payback for my clear skin in jr. high and high school. Pretty much, I feel like an 80 year old pregnant woman.

Plus, I haven't felt the baby move at all yeseterday or today. I know that it's uncommon at this point for me to be feeling him every day but he moved so much over Christmas break that it scares me that he's not anymore.

Speaking of scary, I had awful nightmares the last two nights. I read last week that hormones can make you have crazy dreams when you're pregnant. I don't remember the two I had last night (and luckily Kyle doesn't remember me waking him up after each of them because I was too scared to be the only one awake), but the one the night before was disturbing. I dreamed that my baby could walk and talk and had the face of Arvin Sloane (probably thanks to my Alias Season 5 marathon over Christmas break) and was trying to kill me. So I was trying to take care of him without him knowing that I was there so that he wouldn't be able to "get me." It sounds ridiculous now, but I was really scared in my dream. I really hope that my dreams aren't prophetic . . . about the killing thing or about the looking like Arvin Sloane thing.

Plus, I balanced the checkbook and worked on my thesis today . . . two things which are always depressing.

I know I'm complaining a lot, but it's just been one of those days. And if I'm not free to complain on my own blog, then where can I do it? Right?

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