May 19, 2010

In fifteen minutes or less

  • MOTHER'S DAY! I can't believe I haven't written about mother's day yet. Kyle took the boys out on Saturday to buy me a gift . . . which was, in reality, the best gift they could have given me. A few hours at home alone . . . glorious! They also let me sleep in on Sunday and Kyle handled almost all of Ben's messy diapers. It was great.
  • Brian and Debbie have moved from Ohio back to Michigan and they'll be at camp ALL SUMMER! This is thrilling to me. They were at our house baking a cake last weekend and let Jack help them decorate. Notice Brian's method of decorating the sides of the cake . . . classic.
  • Are you watching Lost? If not, you should be! Or should have been (it's kind of late to start now). I've been reading that people are confused by this season, but I can't believe how well it's all coming together. The religious themes throughout are unmistakable (taking the cup offered by his mother and drinking . . . so well written). I think this is the best season yet! Nice job, J.J. Abrams. You've come a long way since Felicity.
  • Other new shows I'm loving: Glee, The Good Wife, Parenthood, Modern Family, The Middle . . . so funny!
  • Jack's active imagination never fails to entertain. I wrote about his imaginary baseball games and basketball coaching that he does, and the enthusiasm and drama with which he tells me about it. But his most recent thing is to pretend we're a family of animals . . . the type of animal changes almost hourly. He'll inquire about something by saying, "Mama Bumblebee?" And if I don't answer "Yes, Jack bumblebee?" he gets very grumpy. Some days we live in a hive. On other days, we live in a barn. I will admit that I have to fight acting offended when he refers to me as "Mommy cow."


Melanie Eccles said...

Yeah, Parenthood!
And what a great mother's day!!
And we're SO looking forward to being out there with you guys and Debbie and Brian. We really need some young couples to spend time with. :D It's coming so soon!

Save the Date for Cupcakes said...

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