May 3, 2010

Sept Mois

Bennett turned 7 months old last week. His lovely little personality is starting to show itself more and more. He babbles and spits A LOT and tries to mimic one particular sound that we make (that doesn't translate well to writing). Other than that, he doesn't say nearly as much as Jack did as his age. It's tempting to worry about that, but he's ahead of the game in every other area and to be honest . . . I don't have time to worry about it!

In general, he's extremely happy. He's very attached to Kyle and I, but still loves to play by himself. He has no fear when it comes to exploring the house and trying to climb into things (laundry baskets, shipping boxes, etc.) and he leaves a fun little trail of drool everywhere he goes. Which is ok, because the drool serves as the proverbial breadcrumbs that sometimes help me figure out where he's wandered off to.

For a while, we'd been trying to get him to throw his hands up in the air whenever we asked "How big is Bennett?" and then followed up with the reply, "SO BIG!" But all he would do is grab my thumbs . . . so that I could lift his hands up in the air for him. He didn't really get that I was trying to get him to do it by himself. Over the weekend, he figured it out.

We have to be careful though, because he puts his hands up in the air and then slams them back down repeatedly . . . and if he's in his high chair, cheerios will go flying everywhere. Which, for him, makes it that much more fun.

It seems like his look changes every day. I swear that he wakes up every morning looking like an older child.

Ben does not like:
  • Running out of cheerios
  • Having unsafe toys taken away
  • His brother trying to ride him like a horse, complete with reins around his neck . . . and I can't blame him
  • Outlet covers
  • Peas and brown rice
Ben loves:
  • Cheerios
  • Playing with toys that aren't his
  • Wrestling (gently) with his brother
  • Disappearing into another room when mom turns her back for more than 10 seconds
  • Climbing stairs
  • Opening and closing drawers and cabinets
  • Being tossed up in the air by mom and dad
  • Playing with the carbon monoxide detector
  • Playing outside
  • Sweet potatoes

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Emily said...

Seven months?? Already???