May 27, 2010

Dear Ben, Month 8

Dear Ben,

Your balance is steadily improving and you're getting better at moving around "one-handed." Twice now, I've heard reports of you letting go and standing on your own for a few seconds. I have yet to actually see it, and therefore refuse to believe it. You're still my baby, after all.

I know you'll be walking soon . . . sooner than I can probably imagine. Although the summer is coming and you'll be spending your days at camp, which isn't always conducive for a crawler to get lots of practice. That's OK. Just take your time.

We were at your dad's baseball game two weeks ago, and I realized that every time the music came on between innings, you started bobbing back and forth. So for the last two weeks, whenever I've needed a laugh, I ask you to dance . . . and you do. You kind of looking like a little penguin the way you rock back and forth.

You dance and jabber like crazy and will do something over and over and over again if you know that it'll make us laugh. You're becoming a little ham. You give me a squinty-eyed smile that we refer as your cheese face whenever you're in the mood to preform. I love it when you say, "Ma ma ma" because even though I know you're not calling me, it sounds like you are. The other day, I was walking into the room that you were in and it sound like you said, "Mom?" Your Dad and I laughed and I responded, "Yes, Ben? What can I do for you?"

We've had to start using the "N" word this month . . . I say "no, no, no Ben" quite a bit. And it's amazing how quickly you've learned to stop doing something when I say "no, no." You usually pause and look at my while deciding if you'll continue, or crawl away. I'd say you choose to continue about 50% of the time.

And when you continue, and I have to come and remove you from the situation, you have no problem letting me know exactly how you feel. And there's no way for me to help you understand why it's important that you don't crawl into the dishwasher, or play with the carbon monoxide detector. You just have to do it because I said so.

But you should know that you can trust me. I'm not perfect, but I have your best interest at heart and want you not only to stay safe, but to learn to obey. Our rules are there for a reason and learning to obey your parents is good practice for learning to obey God.

I discipline because I love you. And I really, really love you.



Anonymous said...

he is SO cute!! and 8 months already? how is that possible?

love that last picture :)

joven said...
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Sarah said...

Could I just copy & paste this and insert Ezra's name and save it for him to read? I feel like I'm reading MY life! Ooooh, the saying "no" and the anger that ensues when removing from those "no" situations when they're not wanting to stop..... I'm scared of the teenage years already!!!!! :)

Asad K said...
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