October 23, 2008

Fa la la la laaaa . . .

First, thanks to everyone who let me know comments weren't working yesterday. I have no idea what the issue was . . . but it seems to be resolved. Right? I hope so.

Second . . . I know, I know. I have a Christmas banner up. In October. I've explained to you all before thatI start Christmas a little earlier than many people do.

I think it's a bit of a coping mechanism for helping me deal with the cold weather. I can handle the cold if I concentrate on Christmas coming soon. Also, Christmas music is too good to only last for three or four weeks. And, I've started to fill Christmas card orders, so I'm full of all sorts of Christmas cheer.

I've struggled constantly for the last year to find a 3-column look that I like. So, instead of working on things that I should be working on tonight, I figured it out. I think I'll be keeping this for a while. I think.

In conclusion, yes, I have a Christmas banner up. And I hope you can enjoy it instead of scorning me for bringing Christmas stuff out too soon. Oh, and if you like the banner, check out my shop for the card design that inspired it!


Sara Neufeld said...

I LOVE the banner...that just makes me happy. I am so in the Christmas mood as well. I've been browsing your cards to try decide which one I want for our Christmas/Baby announcement cards. They are all so cute, it's gonna be hard to decide. Also, I always feel so sad when Christmas is over, so I feel like if I start celebrating early, then I will be sick of it by the time Christmas is over and the transition won't be so hard. :)
Okay, longest comment ever, sorry.

Anonymous said...

it looks great! yours is the third blog i read that has a new look this week, and it's making me jealous. i've got to figure out what i'm going to do and make a change!

HeatherW said...

First of all feel lucky that you get the cold weather. It is the end of October and here in California it is still in the 90’s…that just isn’t right!! I would celebrate Christmas all year if it didn’t make people think I was crazy. Hehehehe!!

Oh my gosh!! I love all the designs I saw of your cards over and Little Bit Funky!! I will absolutely be using you soon. I need Christmas cards and I have my first baby on the way!! It looks like you could be my life-saver!!

Bekah said...

I'm a fan of the Christmas banner. It's so true that a month just isn't long enough for Holiday cheer! You've inspired me...my poor housemates are going to just have to deal with the music :) Take care!

Smith Family Blog said...

I think it's great! I generally start listening to Christmas music right after Halloween-- it used to be earlier, but now with a child who dresses up for Halloween, something just seems funny about that... :)