October 22, 2008

What I'm reading . . .

Every blog post I've started for the last few days goes something like this:

"I'm so tired and so busy and Jack's so cute. More later."

So, allow me to point you to some good posts from my blog reader over the last week or so. Maybe you'll find a new one that you like!

Delicious. This was a unanimous favorite in my house (among the three people who live here). I through a handful of frozen spinach in to make it a serving of veggies too.

Funny. This made me chuckle. That's right . . . chuckle.

Literal. I'd say he's a good listener.

Free. Don't miss out on these giveaways . . . of which I am the first (I think . . . maybe)!

Hilarious. After viewing this post, look at the entire blog. It will not disappoint.

Yummy. I will find the time to make these. Eventually.

Creative? I don't know her, but if you like to laugh, subscribe to her blog.

Amazing. At 8 1/2 months pregnant, I could barely squeeze my feet into flip flops. And Sara looks fantastic in her boots!

Ok, there are more, but this is where I stop. I've already taken too much time and I have stuff to do! And it's already 9 PM! When did it get to be 9 PM?! I'm guessing sometime between "literal" and "free" . . .

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