October 14, 2008

Who needs pumpkins?

I feel as though I'm shirking some sort of parental responsibility by not taking Jack to a pumpkin patch. Is there any blog-keeping parent out there who has not taken their child to a pumpkin patch/cider mill, or is not planning to sometime before the end of October? I'm pretty sure I'm the only one left. And by glancing at my schedule I can tell you that it's not looking like we'll make it there at all this year.

So, instead of seeing Jack picking apples, sitting on pumpkins or drinking unpasturized cidery goodness, you get to see pictures like this:

Because what he's thinking in this picture is "Who would want to go to a pumpkin patch when they can grill with their dad? In their pajamas?"


Anonymous said...

we did go apple picking this year, and have plans for the pumpkin patch. HOWEVER, last year, on oct 29th i think it was, the boys and i stopped at some road-side suburban pumpkin patch and got two pumpkins just so we could say we carved one.

jack won't even know the difference!

Minnie said...

You're exactly right.

Family time is way better then stress to have fun time.

Elisa said...

If he's like Zackary, he'll have just as much fun playing in the backyard! Don't stress, they really don't know the difference.

Becky said...

Lemme tell you, we went to the big ol' pumpkin farm on Sunday and it was jammed. Everyone in metro Atlanta was there. Next year, we're going to find something more Linus-like. I think you made a fine choice!

Xander said...

i didn't go either. i feel bad about it too. it will be a big gaping whole in the baby book, i know.