May 31, 2008

You did it!

We're in Detroit at my parents' house because my brother's graduation party is today. When we were at the church setting up last night, my mom gave me a sign to assemble . . . you know, the kind where you use the sticker letters and sticker phrases to make the sign say whatever you want it to. The sample sign on the packaging said, "Congrats (fill in the name)! You did it!" So, feeling a total lack of creativity, that's what I was going to put on his sign.

When Jeff saw what I was doing, he made me stop. He felt like the phrase, "You did it!" implied that we didn't think he would ever actually do it. And there wasn't really ever any doubt in our minds.

When we got back to my parents last night, my mom showed me the slide show that she put together to have running at the party. My sister and I were both teary watching it. It seems like a totally different lifetime to see him as a baby. I have very few memories of that. I guess I did only live at home for his first five years of life. He says he doesn't really remember me ever living at home.

Jeff's working as a lifeguard at camp this summer and then he's headed to Liberty Unversity to study aviation in the fall. It's weird to think that starting in August he'll will be coming home to visit just like Karina and I do . . . he won't always be here whenever we come over.

Time passes quickly . . . I'm learning not to waste it. And I'm pretty sure saying that makes me sound like I'm 45.

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Kristyw905 said...

I was good until you talked about Jeff not being here when you come to visit. It's the first time I teared up over empty nest syndrome. This week has been a lot harder than I thought.