May 1, 2008

Uh oh.

Ok, let's play catch up.

Last Wednesday was quite possibly the best day Jack and I have had together in all of his short life! That morning he slept until (drum roll please) 8:45 AM! Almost 13 hours! To be honest, he did wake up at 6 AM, but Kyle got him out of his crib and he put his head on Kyle's shoulder and went right back to sleep. I got so much done that morning. Of course it was interrupted by me checking on him ever 3 minutes to make sure he was alright! I don't know what prompted that extra sleep, but it was nice to get a few things done around the house. Jack was in such a great mood the rest of the day and we enjoyed the beautiful weather and each other's company.

That evening, however, the skies parted and God looked down and decided that Kyle and I have had things too easy. He woke up three or four times that night. He was up pretty much all night the next two nights. We blame teething. Stupid molars. During the day, he has been Whiny (that's whiny with a capital "W"). And the tantrums! Oh, the tantrums!

That said, when I'm home, my entire focus has been on Jack. I guess the bright side is that I've been able to break in my Love and Logic skills a little. I've said "uh oh" and "so sad" more times than I can count. It's working though, because when I give Jack a firm "no" on anything, he's learning to turn around and walk in the opposite direction. When he hears "uh oh" he knows it's too late. He starts whimpering and holds his hands up to me as if to say, "I know. I blew it. Time for a little time out." I heart love and logic.

Things have started to get a little better, though. I think the last week has been a lot about Jack testing his limits and seeing if he can control us or if we're going to be the ones setting the boundaries. I'm sure teething has also added to his unpleasantness. He is definitely learning to make his will known. He even has this face he makes where he scrunches up his nose and mouth and glares at us sometimes when we say no. It's hilarious. I really want to get a picture of it sometime, but it's hard to discipline and photograph at the same time.

We played outside on the deck for a while yesterday. I had some stale popcorn in the pantry that I knew we would eat, so I poured it into pans and let him scoop it up and dump it into the other pans. It took him a little while to get the hang of it, but he caught on eventually and LOVED it. We spent the rest of the afternoon, rolling his big red ball back and forth to each other in the back yard. Playing "catch" is one of his new favorite activities and will initiate it whenever possible!

I love this kid. Tantrums and all.


Anonymous said...

oh my, jack is sounding SO MUCH like alex with his indecisive wants, tantrums, learning his limits, etc. Either that means that Alex is a little behind....or that you'll be in this stage until AT LEAST 20 months!! You decide! :) Its comforting to know I'm not the only mom that just doesn't know what to do sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Hey - what is Love and Logic? Never heard of it. I'm intrigued.