May 25, 2008

Ready or not.

There are so many untold stories from this month and I'm sad that I probably won't remember them. I didn't write them down here. I just don't have TIME. Summer is upon us.

Even though there are still a lot of uncertainties in my head about how we'll manage everything, I'm really looking forward to the summer. We've hired a great staff . . . I would dare say one of the best we've ever had. We have a great program. Camper registrations are still rolling in. We've hired a great nanny for Jack . . . and I'm so glad that we won't have to be concerned about whether or not he's well taken care of.

This weekend is kind of the "kick-off" of the summer season at camp. The campground is full, the beach is packed (even though the temperature is still pretty cool) and life is continuing to get crazier and crazier. We're having Jack's birthday party TOMORROW and I feel totally unprepared. I'm a little worried that his birthday parties are going to be afterthoughts because of how busy we are during this time of year. I need to get things figured out TODAY! I think it's ironic that we're having his party on the day he was due. Maybe I'm still wishing he had come on time . . .

Jack is still having trouble sleeping and we're testing out the theory that dairy products might be the culprit. So, right now it's formula and soy milk for him only. His crankiness has begun to subside, but he's still waking up at night. Hopefully we'll get things figured out soon because starting the summer this tired is going to be a challenge.

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