May 27, 2008

All partied out

Jack's birthday is next Monday, but we had his party yesterday. I'll write a lot more about it later, but I've had family wanting me to post the video that I did for his birthday, so here it is . . . 6 days early.

Ironically enough, I created this video on a PC.


Anonymous said...

SO CUTE! He is just adorable. My 5 and 3 year old boys just sat here giggling with me while we watched it. Happy almost birthday, Jack!

rachel said...

that video is really sweet. :) when it first started, i was like, "wait - she had to put a commercial on it?" haha.

Anonymous said...


I can't wait to meet him


Jeanette said...

Maybe I'm just super emotional right now, but that video is so sweet, it brought me to tears. What a blessing. I can't believe he's almost a year old.

Kristi said...

You have the smiliest baby (can he still be considered a baby?) ever!! Seriously, that kid must never stop giggling! :)