May 24, 2008

What is "normal" anyway?

Now that Jack has been weaned for over a month, the symptoms of my PCOS have returned. The good news is that my insulin, thyroid and cholesterol levels all tested as "optimal" so I'm not facing any of the significant health risks. Just the annoying ones. And it seems that if we do decide to get pregnant again, I'll have to go through all of the same fertility treatments that I did with Jack. Which is fine because I was trying to decide what to do with the pile of cash I have sitting in my back yard. Glad I have that figured out.

I was hoping and praying that the pregnancy would have kind of . . . well, I don't know . . . maybe re-set my body so that it started behaving the way it's supposed to. Not so much. It's actually worse now than it was before I got pregnant.

The main treatment for PCOS is the birth control pill. My doctor put me back on that four weeks ago and I felt overwhelmingly nauseous, tired and emotional since then. Yeah, we'll just call it emotional. This, combined with all of the fun I had last Saturday, my ability to cope hit an all time low and anxiety hit an all time high. I wrote anecdotally about the situation, but honestly, I was struggling to function. So, I stopped taking the pill and I had an appointment on Thursday to find alternative treatment. And I think we have it all taken care of. At least I hope so, because I'm going to need to be as stable as possible when I receive the bill for all of my doctor's visits and tests over the last month.

So, the last few weeks have been pretty stressful. Everything seemed bigger and more catastrophic than it really was and I'm glad that this little episode is nearing its end. I'm also praying that I can regain a sense of normalcy and routine as we head into the summer. Oh, and that I'll win the lottery.

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Anonymous said...

Birth control MASKS PCOS.....what about spironolactone and/or metformin? (they treat the androgens and the insulin issues that are probably the basis of the PCOS, rather than just blocking the symptoms.)

Sorry to hear your symptoms returned - I had about a year of regular cycles after my lactation amenorrhea ended, and it's been getting less and less regular over time (my child is nearly 6 now).

I got pregnant using low dose pergonal over a long cycle, with good monitoring...I hope you find something that works for you without a lot of cost or grief.

Best wishes.