May 4, 2008


OK, so this is the farthest thing from the tone of my usual posts, but it's my blog and I can do what I want. However, I guarantee that when I self-publish this blog in book form (using blurb) for Jack to read someday, I'll leave this post out.

So, anyone here have a paypal account? There's a new "paypal-esque" site called "Revolution Money Exchange." It's the same idea as paypal . . . and just for signing up they put $25 into your account. Seriously. No strings attached. It's just like opening a bank account. You can even sign up and then cash out your $25 (by bank transfer or check) and never go back to the site again.

Why am I plugging this? Because for every one of you I refer, I get $10 into my account (I think there's a limit, though). And then after you join, you get $10 for every referral. It's not a scam. It's not a hoax. I know people who have done this and have received their checks already.

It's completely legitimate. I know that I sound like one of those e-mail forwards that tells you that Bill Gates wants to share his fortune with everyone who passes the message on to 20 of their friends. But it's not. It's just a new site trying to round up customers.

It's free money, and I just thought I'd pass it along. Click on the link below to sign-up.


Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange


Anonymous said...

Is there anyway to do this without giving your SSN? Aren't you hesitant about your SSN?

Kyle Luke said...

Not really . . . it's like you're opening a bank account, and you have to give it out to open a paypal account. I think I might be more hesitant if I didn't know people who have used the site for a while (as a payment source for their online businesses) and already received checks.

Kyle Luke said...

That said, don't do it if you feel uncomfortable . . . that's for sure.

sideshowsam said...

let's split the 10 bucks you get - ok!