April 4, 2008

Emma @ 6 months

My, how times flies. My niece Emma is 6 months old and it's hard to believe how fast the days have gone. Remember when she was new in the world?

I took some pictures of her on Wednesday. I really like the way they turned out with two exceptions. First, the ISO on my camera was set at 800. I have no idea why. I have never set the ISO to 800 in my life. I only checked it after the fact because I was surprised by the graininess of the photos. I wonder how long it's been that way without me noticing.

Second, I ordered some seamless paper to use as a backdrop and it was supposed to arrive on the day of the pictures. And it did, but not until late afternoon. So, I had to use a thin white backdrop that was in need of ironing.

Oh well, she's such a cute kid that there's very little that could detract from her pictures!

You can see them all here.

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Kels_Caleb said...

sara, oh my word. how many full time careers are you pursuing at one time. it seems like most people wouldn't be good at one of things they were doing but you are excelling at all of them.
how is that possible?
you are awesome! (and so are the pictures you take...and everything do you at camp...and the ebay business...and the coupon savings...and the designing "stuff"...and websites and and and and YOUR THESIS and...MOM...WIFE...how much more can i put on this list?)
you go girl, you go girl, you go girl : )