April 11, 2008

Our little zombie

Kyle and I realized today that Jack has officially crossed over from mostly crawling and a little walking to more walking than crawling. Seriously, this transition has happened over the course of 48 hours or so. He's still much faster at crawling, but I think he enjoys the challenge of walking. Plus, his zombie impression is spot on.

Plus, he's realized that he's taller than Murphy when he's standing up. Murphy, on the other hand, is not so fond of this development.

One of the funniest parts of this newest stage is when he's walking and loses his balance, but doesn't fall all the way down. He'll land on his knees and will shuffle the rest of the way upright on his knees. It's hilarious. I don't have any video of it, but here's a sampling of his new found walking skills.


The Giffen Family said...

Okay, he totally has the "zombie walk" down -- that's awesome! :) Also how do you do the fade in and out on the video and put 2 videos together? (besides that you are way more talented than I)

Kyle Luke said...

I have software by Pinnacle called "Studio 11" that I use for camp videos and other videos that I produce. It's come in handy for short blog clips too! But I think windows movie maker and imovie will both let youe edit clips to do that too.

It's really nice for when I want to edit out something stupid that I say or a shot of me in my pj's that I don't necessarily want to post for all of Blogland to see. :)

Anonymous said...

Sniff sniff sniff. So proud is this Aunty Aunt!