April 22, 2008

Playing outside

Jack and I played outside for a little while yesterday. Here's just a sample of our time together . . .

Also, while Phil claims that I sound like Cameron Diaz when I talk, I think this video will prove otherwise.


Minnie said...

He's TOO cute.
I love the fact that when he picked himself up, he still had his hat in his hand.

Phil said...

All I hear there is me being right.

I win.

Kristi said...

You might have the cutest kid ever. Seriously, how adorable is he?!?

And I may have to agree with Phil. You sound like Cameron Diaz.

Xander said...

Love this video. Jack is so advanced. Maybe he could get early admission to Taylor.

I also love his pants. I think its funny that someone who designs kid clothes decided babies should wear pants as oversized and baggy as teenage boys :)