September 8, 2007

What I learned . . .

Net Gib Snoipmahc is "Big Ten Champions" spelled backward. That's what I learned at Aquire the Fire.

Aquire the Fire (ATF) is a conference/rally for teens to deepen their relationship with God and catch a vision for telling people about Jesus. I recently saw an advertisement for an upcoming ATF and I thought back to the one time I went in high school. I remember two things about that weekend:

1. ATF was in the Breslin Center at MSU and we were in a part of the arena where we could just see the reverse side of their "Big Ten Champions" banner hanging there. I spent much of the conference trying to figure out how to pronounce it backwards.


2. They passed out free books for everyone who attended. They then passed around offering baskets to put money in for the "free books." Sneaky, sneaky.

That's it. Just those two things.

Where am I going with this? (side note: that should be the title of my blog: "Where am I going with this?" Maybe I'll change it someday) I can't help but wonder how many of our campers go home and only remember random details of their week that have little eternal consequence. That thought motivates me and discourages me all at the same time.


Anonymous said...

Actually BIG TEN CHAMPIONS would be
backwards would be

snoipmahc net gib

you said ten big champions

Net Gib Snoipmahc

and if you were reading the back of the sign you would actually be reading
snoipmahc net gib

Kyle Luke said...

Not really. The "Big Ten" was on the first line and "Champions" was on the bottom. From the back, this is what I saw (only the letters were backwards too):
neT giB

Anonymous said...

Oh...Huhm. Okay :) I figured you were right :) Just was up for the debate!

Anonymous said...

I think that sometimes campers may not remember much of the head-knowledge that has eternal consequence, but that merely being in an environment that revolves around God may have an impact on them that we don't necessarily see right away, but that affects their lifestyle in a real way, if that makes any sense.

Jason said...

Sara: You plant and the seed gets watered. You're doing your "do diligence". Being obedient. The rest is left to God. I have great memories of camp throughout my childhood. Many are of spiritual things, but others are of goofy stuff...and girls.

Bottom line: It was good. And profitable. Why? It got me out of the house so my parents could have a break. And that's really what camp is all about.

Anonymous said...

Just remember- "God's heart is filled with tenderness and delight at the mere thought of you...."