September 14, 2007

Cookie Monster Rendered Blind by Crazed Puggle

Somerset Center, MI (AP) - Unnamed sources have confirmed the assault and cruel exploitation of a beloved friend to many. This creature, known to many only as "The Cookie Monster," was rendered blind yesterday in what is quickly becoming one of the largest string of assaults of all time in the Luke household.

The prime suspect in this investigation is a dog, known as "Murphy." When questioned, this canine appeared to act as if nothing had happened.

Until today, these serial attacks have been limited to burp cloths, pacifiers and receiving blankets. Authorities are regarding this latest episode as a sign of escalation on the part of the assailant.

In a statement released by Jackson Luke, lifelong friend of the monster, he said, "It pains me to see the cruelty toward this friendly monster. He has been by my side through the good times and the bad times I'm not sure what I'm going to do without the little blue fellow. I'm really hoping the big guy pulls through." Mr. Luke brought his interview to a quick end by filling his pants.

None of the others in the Sesame street gang could be reached for comment.


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Hahaha. Sara that might be the best blog entry ever. If only I could be as funny as you :)