September 2, 2007

Letter to Jack, Month 3

Dear Jackson,

Today you are 3 months old. This means that I am the mother of a 3 MONTH OLD! I can’t believe we’ve known each other for that long! On some days it feels like we just met.

You're not new here anymore, though. You've been here long enough to almost double your birth weight. You were 15 lbs, 1 oz at your 2 month check-up so I'm guessing you're around 16 lbs by now. You are SO HEAVY and my arms get sore when I hold you for a long time! Please take your time growing up. I want to enjoy you being my little boy for as long as possible.

I really have loved watching all of the changes in you this month. It often seems that you are growing faster than I can type! You rolled over this month! Your dad and I were ecstatic and cheered wildly for you when it happened! You just kind of looked at us like we were crazy . . . which you'll find out later in life isn't too far from the truth. I suspect that this is the first of many times that we'll cheer for you (and consequently, embarass you).

You’ve also started to grab things. Not just hit them with clenched fists, but really get your hands around the objects. You are SO SMART! Tummy time is going well too! I'm so glad that you're holding your head up and you're learning to sit on your own. You're going to be crawling before we know it. You've also begun talking. Not just making a noise here and there . . . really talking. You started making noises this morning with such expression and conviction that it really did sound like you were trying to convince us to see things your way. Dad and I just laughed as we would ask you questions and you would respond.

I feel like we're really starting to get the hang of things. You are getting a lot better at sleeping all night . . . you're still working on the whole napping during the day thing. I think maybe you're worried you'll miss out on something. You won't. I don't know if you've noticed or not, but I'm getting a lot better at being your mom too! There are so many fun things we do together now! I love it when you are in your baby bjorn and we do housework together. I love sitting in front of the mirror with you and watching you laugh at yourself. I love playtime, but my favorite time of day is when dad and I get you ready for bed. I love giving you a bath. I love reading to you. I love it when I lean down to kiss you and tell you it's sleepy time and you reach up and touch my face . . . you're so sweet. I love the little noises you make as you drift off to sleep.

Tomorrow is a special day for your dad and I because it's the one year anniversary of when you came into existence. Your dad and I made yet another trip on that rainy Sunday into Ann Arbor to the RE clinic and left hoping and praying for you. I thank God every day that 40 weeks later, the stork dropped you off at our front door. Did you know that’s how babies get to their moms and dads? Well, it is. That’s all you need to know about that.

I know that we spend even less time together now than we did during the summer, but I know that it will only be for a few weeks while I get into the swing of things at camp again. I’m sorry about that. The nice thing about this is that you get to spend lots of time with your dad! You guys have so much fun together and I love it when you tell me all of the stories about things that you did when I get home. But Jack . . . please, please, please just say no the next time he asks you if you want to lick a pink Starburst.

I love you, little man.


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