September 7, 2007

Old MacDonald

I have that song going through my head. Old MacDonald, that is. Why? Let me start from the beginning . . .

My parents gave us money to buy Jack an exersaucer. We were so excited about that because we really wanted to get him one. We chose this one because the colors and textures were great and it seemed to be stimulating without being overstimulating.

The box clearly says that it's for 4 months and up, but we put it together last week and wanted to put him in it for the fun of it. He kind of wobbled around in it and then leaned forward and tried to get his whole mouth around one of the toys. We've put him in it several times over the course of the last week and he's getting better at sitting up in it. He's even discovered a "favorite" toy. It's the toy he's in front of in this picture:

When you press a button the first time, it makes the noise that the animal makes. The second time, it says the name of the animal in english and the third time, in spanish. The fourth time, it plays a song. Some of them are classical songs; but, the song associated with the cow button is Old MacDonald. I heard it no less than 12 times today.

Annoying song aside, it has been fun to watch him figure out that he's making the noise. I can't believe how fast he's growing!

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