September 14, 2007

I was not right.

I wasn't wrong . . . I just wasn't right.

We had plans to go out to dinner with our small group tonight. I'm not going to lie to you - I didn't want to go. I really didn't want to go. I'm sorry if you're reading this and you're in my small group . . . please don't take it personally.

I just didn't think I was in the right frame of mind to be social. Jack didn't sleep well all week. He did sleep well last night but, of course, I couldn't sleep. I really do love the people in our small group, but I was just tired and cranky and if I was going to have a child-free night, I wanted to stay and home and sleep. To top it all off, we were meeting at a barbecue place to eat. If I'm going to spend money to go out to eat, I didn't want it to be at a place I didn't like. I was sure that I wouldn't have a good time.

Fortunately, the night turned out way better than I had anticipated! We had so much fun! Kyle and I both commented on the way home that we needed the night out with friends more than either of us realized. It was great to have an entire evening without saying things like, "I'm gonna get your belly!" or "Does someone have stinky pants?" Though the guy that passed me on the way to the bathroom in the back of the bookstore did, in fact, have stinky pants. Also, I LOVED the restaurant.

All in all, it was a great evening.

We picked Jack up from Kyle's mom's house and he just now went down to bed (at 10:30). One of two things will happen now: 1. He'll sleep later and with less interruption or 2. He'll be cranky all day tomorrow. I'm hoping for #1.

By the way, The restaurant we went to is called Mat's and it's on the corner of Mechanic and Cortland in downtown Jackson. I highly reccommend it.

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