October 1, 2006

The wonder of it all . . .

I have been overwhelmed by thinking about the miracle of life today . . . cheesy, i know. I've been looking at ultrasound pictures and illustrations of embryos at 6 weeks and am floored when I think that I was once that size and in that condition. How is it possible that the little 4 mm being inside of me could possibly grow up to be adult-sized? Incredible.

8 days until the first ultrasound . . . I'm still worried about there not being a heartbeat, but I'm realizing that my worry will do absolutely nothing. So, I'm trying to remain a little more positive.

My heartburn has escalated over the weekend and I'm popping Tums like I eat candy during the summer. I have really congested sinuses, but I'm afraid to take anything until my second trimester. I am constantly hungry. Ahhh . . . the joy of pregnancy.

We told our small group today and they were all really excited. It's fun to have people share in our excitement!

Alright, I'm going to get a snack. And some Tums.

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