October 29, 2006

A whole new world . . .

I've begun to realize that having a child will open up a whole new world of shopping for me . . . for better or for worse. I absolutely CANNOT believe how many random products there are out there for babies. All of which I want, of course. I'm in awe of the whole segment of buyers that I didn't realize was out there, even when I was studying marketing.

My heartburn has been BAD this week. I'm so excited for my first trimester to be DONE. Only two more weeks. We have our first prenatal appointment this week. I'm a little nervous, because my interaction with the office in Ann Arbor so far has been less than professional. My "welcome packet" with orders for blood work, prescriptions for prenatal vitamins and descriptions of what each appointment would be like came over a month late (after I called about it twice) and didn't include any information. Only the prescription, an appointment reminder (I kinda feel like I need to call and remind THEM about the appointment) and the blood work form. No information at all on the appointments, which is what I'm most curious about. We'll see how it goes. I guess we don't have to stick with this doctor if we don't like her.

I finally got my new ipod this week. And by new, I mean the old used one I got off of ebay. But it works, which is one step up from my old one. It was also dirt cheap . . . which is the only kind I could afford to replace my original. It came just in time because this is usually the time of year I begin listening to Christmas music.

Now before all of you strict "no Christmas until after THanksgiving people" begin cursing me in your heads, hear me out. First, there is A LOT of Christmas music for such a short period of time. I need to spread it out a little so I can enjoy it all. Second, when Kyle and I were planning our December 14 wedding four years ago, I started listening to Christmas in October in order to gain inspiration for the planning. Ever since then, listening to Christmas music at this time of year has sentimental value.

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