October 9, 2006


Ironically enough, we heard the song "Blessed Be the Name" on our way to the RE clinic today (if you're wondering why that's ironic, see yesterday's post). It was super fuzzy because it was a Lansing station and we were approaching Ann Arbor, but I didn't think it was a coincidence that it was on. We waited for about 30 minutes to get in (the place was packed) and though I was nervous, I felt a peace about being able to accept whatever happened.

We found, however, that all is good. Our ultrasound today was PERFECT and the baby is right on schedule! They couldn't tell me why I had the trouble I did this weekend and said it wasn't normal, but they said that there is no reason to be worried! What a huge relief!

We got to SEE and HEAR the heartbeat, which I know every parent has experienced, but we've never heard such a wonderful sound. Now that they've heard the heartbeat, there's a 95% chance that we'll have a health pregnancy with no more complications. When the doctor said that, there was such a huge weight
lifted. We also got to take home some pictures, which I've included below. There's not much to see, but we're still excited.

You can see the heartbeat reading on the bottom picture. The heart rate is 143 BPM and it measures at 7weeks, 2 days which is perfect because I'm 7 weeks, 3 days! It amazing how every care and worry I have about anything just disappeared when I heard that heartbeat . . . I wish I could post that sound on my blog!

We've started telling people today and it's a lot of fun! We're so grateful to have so many people rejoicing with us.

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