August 12, 2011

"We have exciting news"

I don't think I ever wrote about telling people that we're pregnant with #3. We let Jack do most of the "telling" and I'll always regret not having the video camera on for those phone calls.

When he called my mom (who already knew) he said, "We're going to have another baby. It's going to be a girl and we're going to name her Leah." Kyle and I couldn't help but laugh because Leah isn't a name we had discussed, nor did we know at that point that Jack so badly wanted a sister.

When he called Kyle's sister Kristen, Jack said, "Aunt Kristen? We have exciting news! We're going to have another baby." The tone in his voice when he said "We have exciting news!" was cracking us up.

But nothing could really top the phone call with Kyle's sister Katie. "Katie? I have exciting news. I'll give you a hint . . . . Waaaa! Waaaa! Waaaa!" Kyle and I were laughing so hard that Jack wasn't really sure what to do.

When we called Kyle's grandpa, he told Jack, "Congratulations!" And Jack replied, "I'm not the one having a baby. I'm not even a girl!"

No matter what words he used, everyone he spoke to could tell that he was excited for baby #3.

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Heather S. said...

I love it!! Love his response to Kyle's grandpa!!