August 19, 2011

On leaking

Over the summer, Jack's become friends with several of our day campers and had a great time playing with them. His babysitter would take him up there, along with Ben, to play almost on a daily basis. So, during these last two days of day camp, we've let him spend the whole day up there.

I was a little bit emotional dropping him off . . . which was weird because he spent a good portion of the day all summer up with them so it wasn't really anything new. And I hired the staff up there, so I certainly wasn't worried. I knew he was in good hands.

I don't know . . . it just felt like a milestone. Ben spent the whole day asking where Jack was and pouting when I told him that he would see him at dinner. And this morning, Jack commented on how long it felt to be away from Ben all day. They really did spend almost ALL of their time together this summer. Yesterday, Kyle asked him what he did and after talking about few of the fun things, this was their conversation:

Jack: I leaked a little during rest time.

Kyle: Leaked? Like you wet your pants?

Jack: No. Leaked from my eyes.

Kyle: What do you mean "leaked"? You cried at rest time?

Jack: No, I didn't really cry. I just leaked out the corners. You know? Like mom does sometimes when we give her flowers. I just really missed you guys.


Anonymous said...

oh gosh...this almost made me cry! so sweet.

Melissa Hoffman said...

Just made me "leak" a little
He says the sweetest things

jkluke said...

Definitely a little leak here too:) what a great story.

Sweet that he observed your "leak" too.

Katrina (Chocolate Lover) said...

You bet he was in good hands!

Laura Piatt said...

I CANNOT believe how big Jack is. From my perspective, it is like he has grown into a little boy overnight! I am just so glad you take a minute to document the cute little moments here and there as they'll become unforgettable memories for your family. Such a sweet story. :o)

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness! Did this make you leak a little bit more?!?!?!?