July 2, 2011

The Ballgame

This post should be about the baseball-themed birthday party that we threw Jack a month ago. Alas, I still haven't even touched the few photos that I managed to take at his party.

Instead, this is about our night out with friends, sans kids. We went to Detroit, out to dinner and to a Tigers' game and it was so much fun. It was HOT. Almost 90 degrees and the sun was beating down on us for the first part of the game. There was a nice breeze that helped a little.

The first 7 innings weren't all that exciting, but the last two made up for it. Even though the first 7 were kind of boring, I learned a lot. Kyle knows a ridiculous amount about baseball, and I've always known that. But still, I'm stunned at how much he knows about strategy and history. It was amazing.

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