July 13, 2011

It's July

We're on the last day of Family Camp. Everyone's leaving and it feels as if things should be slowing down, but we're only half way through the summer. Youth camps start again this weekend. I kind of enjoy family camp, because Kyle and I both get to be home at bath and bedtime. Starting next week, I'm on my own again in the evenings.

With the exception of bad storms on Monday, we've had great weather! I depend on July to keep me warm all year long, so I try and soak up the 90s as much as I can. I've spent a lot of time working the zip line and running around outdoors, so I've had a chance to enjoy it!

Jack leaned out his bedroom door this morning and yelled, "Dad? Do you have a copy? Dad?" Which is the call we use on the radios at camp. I couldn't help but laugh. The boys are with us at camp every day and they pick up so much that I don't realize they're picking up.

I've started feeling little baby movements in my belly. Not kicks really . . . just that heavy rolling/shifting feeling. I'm just about 17 weeks. I had an appointment last week and the heartbeat was strong and in the 160s. My gut feeling is that it's another boy. Mainly because this pregnancy has been exactly like the first two. And maybe a little because that's what I'd prefer.

I've had more cramping and I have a few painful contractions every other day or so. My doctor isn't worried, so neither am I.

I've gained 8/10 of a pound, which is good, because I still have plenty left from last time. It's weird though because looking at me you'd think that it was a lot more than that.

The only non-maternity clothes I'm wearing now are drawstring capris that I can leave loose. I was hoping to go as long as I did with Ben without having to break out the maternity clothes, but summer clothes aren't as forgiving as winter clothes are. ALl of my summer maternity clothes were from when I was 7 - 9 months pregnant with Bennett, so they're all a little big on me. I depend on my bella band to keep them in place.

Here's the picture of Jack that I deleted from my previous whiny post. I'm still a little stunned by the fact that I have a four year old.

June 2011

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Mud and Grace said...

I am continually impressed with how you manage and with your honestly, which makes me feel like I can relate and keeps me coming back to get encouragement, inspiring ideas, and a good laugh from time to time.
Your blog is still my favorite.