July 22, 2011

Twitter: June - July 22

Selected Twitter posts from the last month or so.

July 22

"Hey mom! Try and find me!". yfrog.com/kjgzgkzj
{Later when I showed him the picture, he said, "Are you serious? You could totally see me!"}

Ben has had more to eat for breakfast than I will probably eat all day.

July 21
Remember on Monday when I said, "We probably need to have our leaky, noisy air conditioner serviced?" Kyle's wishing he had listened to me.

"Feels like 104"

July 17
It's so nice to be married to the world's best dad. He's making up for my parenting shortcomings today.

Thanks to his older brother, Bennett has now taken up telling a knock, knock jokes. It goes like this: "Kna Kna!" "Who's there?" "EYEBALL!"

July 16
Went to the zoo. Cooking dinner over a fire. But I'm pretty sure these were the boys' favorite surprise of the day. yfrog.com/ki85nmj

It's just dropped below 90 degrees, so of course we're building a fire in our back yard to cook dinner. That sounds fun, right?

Proof of a good day at the zoo. yfrog.com/ke1j7oej

July 15
I just had to put Bennett to bed without a story or a song. And now I feel like a monster.

July 13
High of only 76? Come on, July!

July 12
I just read that my baby is the size of an avacado. And now I'm craving guacamole.

July 11
The weather man told me it would be 100 degrees today. But I just bought a sweatshirt.

July 8
My favorite moment of the day? Hearing Ben yell, "Jat! Omeee!" Which is Ben-speak for "Jack! Come here!"

July 7
I woke up this morning feeling little tiny baby squirms in my tummy.

July 3
Jack's first night without a nighttime pull-up. Fingers crossed that we won't have a mess in the morning. {We did not! We did have a mess the night after, though.}

July 1
I'm watching the guys in the Tigers dugout & wondering if their moms will yell at the coach for not giving their sons playing time tonight.

June 30
Today marks the 31st anniversary of the end of my almost-2-year reign as an only child.

June 29
LOOK WHAT THE UPS MAN JUST BROUGHT! Angie Peterson just made my day! yfrog.com/h4eywnlj

June 28
It really doesn't bother me that "under God" was left out of the pledge on NBC. I'm not 100% sure God's all that bothered either.

June 25
Someone asked Kyle today what we're doing on our day off. That's cute.

June 21
I normally like storms, but I'm bummed that the longest day of the year has been cut short by dark clouds.

June 20
The good news? I found my wedding rings. The bad news? Kyle's is still at the bottom of the lake.

Hello, second trimester.

June 18
If I didn't have kids to feed, I'd eat cereal for most meals.

June 16
My inbox is overwhelming & today's schedule is intimidating. But we're having French toast sticks for breakfast, so everything will be fine.

June 14
Jack let me know that he doesn't want to be King of Israel. So glad he's starting to narrow down his options.

June 10
I'm thinking of adding a second 27" monitor to my workspace. I remember a time when having one 27" monitor seemed excessive . . .

June 9
At Panera listening a super loud talker plan out the next 10 years of her life. Best wishes to her fiancé.

June 8
I've found my new calling in life . . . I want to be a freelance reality show casting agent.

June 7
There's something so comfortable about people to whom I can make Friends references without any sort of explanation.

Watching video footage of Ben from last year at this time . . . totally choked up.

Have I mentioned how happy highs in the 90s make me? Because they do.

June 3
Jack just told me he'd do all of my work and I could go to sleep in his bed. If only . . .

I had a dream last night that I was swimming, pulling a boat behind me with a load of groceries, and 3 or 4 people in it. What does it mean?

June 2
Four years ago today, I started a brand new job . . . as a mom. Happy birthday, Jack!

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