June 23, 2011


I just posted these super cute pictures of Debbie and her little lemon when she was in her 14th week.

Debbie Debbie

Adorable, right?

Well, the next photo isn't quite that cute. There's something unfair about my friends and family having cute pictures of themselves while pregnant and I get stuck with the out-of-focus, bathroom mirror shots.

Oh, well.

I'm in my 14th week now, but here I am a little over a week ago at 12ish weeks. Truth be told, half of the baby bump is baby #3 and half is leftover from Ben.

Again . . . oh well.

12 weeks

I'm still feeling good . . . other than the fatigue. I still forget that I'm pregnant on a regular basis. There's really not a whole lot to report.

Compare to 18 weeks in my first pregnancy with Jack . . . yeah, things pop faster the third time around.


Melanie Eccles said...

both of you are simply adorable. And honestly you look skinny, Sara! Your whole self looks great.

Melissa Hoffman said...

you look GREAT! I am just so happy for you guys!