June 5, 2011


Jack's playing T-ball this year. The league is for kids ages 4 - 7 and I was a little uncomfortable with him starting this year, since he was 3 when practices started. They let him play as long as Kyle came with him to practices. The age difference between 3-almost-4 and 7-almost-8 is HUGE. But honestly, he's done okay with it.



They don't use the tee much. It's mainly coach-pitch. The games are pretty typical . . . one kid hits the ball, and every single kid on the opposing team dives for the ball. During his first game, Jack ended up on the bottom of a pile of his teammates, all fighting over the ball. They've become much better at working together since then.

I think our "proudest" moment was when after his first strike, Jack was yelling to his coach and instructing his coach on how he should be pitching.


Jack is so proud of his "jersey" and baseball hat. He loves the t-shirt and would wear it every day if I let him.

His, um, let's just call it his "competitive spirit" has also become more obvious. While standing on first base during his first game, I could hear him arguing with the girl on the opposite team about who was winning. Please note: They do not keep score. On our way back to the car that same night, he was sure to inform many players on the other team that his team did, in fact, win. We've had some fun conversations about that.

Do you see him chasing after the ball? Yeah, he's supposed to be running to third.




His "victory" chant . . .


And here's what Ben did the whole time . . .


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